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Fitness, wellness, and nutritional counselling, creating empowerment of self and inspiration for others.

Every individual possesses the power to have complete wellness. With support, guidance, open ears, knowledge, and experience, Within You wants to inspire people to discover their own physical, emotional, and spiritual strengths.

Gaining understanding and knowledge empowers individuals with the potential of personal wellness and the ability to share their experience and inspire others. Finding your strength to a healthier lifestyle. In the end, it is only Within You.

Natalie Lehto

– Owner of Within You

An enthusiastic and dedicated leader, Natalie Lehto is a passionate individual not afraid of challenge. As a marathon runner, adventure racer, and overall athletic person, Natalie loves to discover and challenge the potentials of her body mind and spirit. She enjoys traveling and seeks any opportunity to explore a new part of the world, nonetheless remaining in love with and appreciative of her hometown Thunder Bay.

Being particularly fascinated by health and wellness, Natalie has obtained a degree in Honours Bachelor of Kinesiology. She is an OKA certified Kinesiologist as well as a STOTT certified pilates instructor. Natalie undertakes any opportunity to share her passion and experience with others, desiring to guide them to appreciate the importance of overall wellness; body, mind, natural beauty, and spirit.

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